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Dominion Dental

Case Study

Transforming Digital Marketing for Dominion Dental, Auckland

Client: Dominion Dental
Location: Auckland, New Zealand


Dominion Dental, a leading dental clinic in Auckland, recognized the importance of a robust digital marketing strategy to enhance its online presence, attract new patients, and grow its business. In pursuit of these objectives, they partnered with, a reputable digital marketing agency renowned for its expertise in SEO, paid media marketing, and programmatic advertising.


Dominion Dental faced several challenges in its digital marketing efforts:

1. Limited Online Visibility: The clinic’s website was not ranking well for relevant local search queries, making it challenging for potential patients to find them online.

2. Lead Generation: They needed to increase the number of leads and conversions through their website.

3. Multi-Channel Approach: To maximize its online presence and reach, the clinic sought to leverage a combination of SEO, paid media marketing, and programmatic advertising.

Solution: devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address Dominion Dental’s unique needs and challenges:

1. SEO Optimization: Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify high-impact local search queries. The agency then optimized the clinic’s website for these keywords, including on-page and technical SEO improvements.

2. Customized PPC Campaign: A tailored Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign was developed, targeting relevant keywords and audiences to drive more leads and conversions.

3. Programmatic Advertising: created a programmatic advertising campaign that targeted ads across various online channels, including display, native, and social media, to increase website traffic and conversions.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization: The campaigns were continuously monitored, and adjustments were made to improve ad placements, budget allocation, and overall performance.


The collaborative efforts of Dominion Dental and resulted in significant achievements:

1. Improved Online Visibility: Dominion Dental’s website achieved higher rankings for local search queries, leading to increased organic traffic and visibility in their local market.

2. Increased Leads and Conversions: The customized PPC campaign successfully generated more leads and conversions, providing a steady stream of new patients for the clinic.

3. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The programmatic advertising campaign effectively expanded the clinic’s online presence, reaching a wider audience and boosting brand recognition.

4. Growth in Business: Dominion Dental experienced substantial growth in its patient base and business revenue with improved online visibility and lead generation.


The partnership between Dominion Dental and exemplifies the impact of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The clinic improved its online visibility by combining SEO, PPC, CTV, Rich Media Display, Native, Social Media, and programmatic advertising and achieved significant growth in leads, conversions, and business revenue. This case study underscores the importance of a multi-channel approach in transforming digital marketing efforts and driving business growth.

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