Buffalo Market

Buffalo Market

Case Study

Elevating Online Visibility and Growth for Buffalo Market

Client: Buffalo Market
Location: United States
Agency: SEOstrategy.co.nz


Buffalo Market, a prominent distributor in the United States, recognized the need to strengthen its digital marketing efforts to enhance online visibility, attract new customers, and expand its market share. To achieve these goals, they partnered with SEOstrategy.co.nz, a respected digital marketing agency renowned for its SEO and paid media marketing expertise.


Buffalo Market faced several challenges in their digital marketing efforts:

1. Limited Online Visibility: The company’s website was not ranking well for critical search terms, making it challenging for potential customers to discover their products and services online.

2. Customer Acquisition: To drive business growth, they needed to increase customer acquisition through their digital channels.

3. Competing in the Market: The distributor faced competition from other players, making it essential to stand out and capture a larger market share.


SEOstrategy.co.nz developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address Buffalo Market’s unique needs and challenges:

1. SEO Optimization: The agency conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-impact search terms relevant to Buffalo Market’s offerings. They then optimized the company’s website for these keywords, implementing on-page and technical SEO improvements.

2. Customized Paid Media Marketing Campaign: A tailored paid media marketing campaign was designed, targeting relevant keywords and audiences through platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising.

3. Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization: The campaigns were continuously monitored, and adjustments were made to improve ad placements, budget allocation, and overall performance.


The partnership between Buffalo Market and SEOstrategy.co.nz led to significant achievements:

1. Improved Online Visibility: Buffalo Market’s website achieved higher rankings for crucial search terms, resulting in increased organic traffic and improved online visibility.

2. Increased Customer Acquisition: The customized paid media marketing campaign successfully generated more leads and conversions, contributing to substantial customer acquisition.

3. Enhanced Market Share: By strengthening their online presence and customer base, Buffalo Market was able to capture a larger share of the market, outperforming competitors.

4. Business Growth: The combined efforts of SEO and paid media marketing strategies led to remarkable business growth, with Buffalo Market expanding its customer base and revenue.


The collaboration between Buffalo Market and SEOstrategy.co.nz demonstrates the power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By combining SEO and paid media marketing, the distributor improved its online visibility and achieved significant growth in customer acquisition and market share. This case study underscores the importance of a strategic approach to digital marketing in driving business growth and staying competitive in the market.

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